Crazy Flash Sale Exclusive to Activity Book Generator Members!

Sorry, this offer is now closed. 

This is an EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE Alert and is NOT available on the sales page of the site.

Are you a VIP Member?

If YES - read on.  

If NOT? Read on!

I have something special for both of you :)

First off - what "is" the VIP membership, for those who may not know?

In short, the VIP membership is a little different, in that it gives an exclusive product bundle once per month, that you have 100% unrestricted PLR rights to. (Ok 99.9% - you can't use my name anywhere).

That means you can sell them any way you want, AND you can include PLR rights for others if you wish. You can use them for clients, you can do almost anything. You can even bundle them "as is" (although we suggest you do SOMETHING different, but you can just bundle them).

And yes, you can sell them on Etsy, Inspiredfun, Warriorplus, JVZoo - or wherever else you want to.

They are NEVER included in the Pro levels. We "may" include some of the activities, but the files will never be the same, and "if" it is a similar activity, VIP gets the root files, right down to either the PNG or the Powerpoint (or whatever we created it with).

Take for example our recent calendar inclusions, in Pro.

You have 7 template styles - 3 landscape, 4 portrait.

In the VIP level, we released 15+ designs, with the absolute base created files - meaning, anything can be done with them.

That's just one example.

The releases are everything from calendars, to activities (like more games, mazes, math games, and so much more), journal and planner templates, sometimes themed, and more. The releases include files anywhere from 10 files to as much as 1000 or more, depending on what the release is for the month. 

(And yes, you can always make requests if there's something specific you'd like to see!)

Now - we have always restricted how many people are able to be in our VIP membership to a maximum of 200 including our founding members. It has sold out a few times, and it only reopens when there are a few cancellations. (That doesn't happen often).

Over the past year, we did have a few spots open back up, and I didn't do much about it, and there were a few spots remaining as well. (Not many!)

But today I have a special crazy offer - whether you have never been a vip member, and even if you are an EXISTING VIP member.

The simple thing is this: We're working on some really fun new things for ABG that everyone will love - and I decided that it's time I give you some added options, to help you grow your printables and PLR businesses even further.

The original cost for VIP was $17-$22.95 (it was $17 - it is now $22.95/mo, just for those who may have different pricing).

Today's Crazy Flash Sale: (And it IS limited to 36 people - the spots currently available)

You won't just get ONE VIP bundle every month...

You can have THREE bundles every month! And this again, is EXCLUSIVELY for those who grab this flash sale today.

.. you won't pay this - but just so you can understand the pricing:

At $17/mo, the yearly cost for VIP is $204.
At $22.95/mo, (current pricing), the yearly cost for VIP is $275.40

(At $17/mo) Adding on TWO MORE releases, is essentially 2 more times those. So $204 x 2 = $408 on top of the $17/mo (204/yr). (Total would be $612/yr for 3)

At $22.95/mo - x 2 additional, that's $550.80 added onto the $275.40/year. (Total would be $826.20/yr for 3)

YOU WON'T pay this today, so don't panic. I'm simply showing you the real costs.

Instead,  here's how it works:

IF YOU ARE AN EXISTING ACTIVE VIP MEMBER (either monthly, yearly, or founding):

You can grab JUST the add on bundle, to now get THREE releases every single month that you can do whatever you want with (except put my name on them)...

For a crazy $97 for 1 full year. (Choose recurring or not). ** Note, this does not change your existing vip membership, this is an add on of two more releases. Your regular VIP membership will remain as is, monthly or yearly, as this is just that - an add on.

That's more than 75% off!

** If you were a founding member, you would need to add this on to get the extra 2 releases per month if you wanted it, but it's not required obviously.

IF YOU ARE NOT AN ACTIVE VIP MEMBER (Have never been a member, or cancelled it previously)

As you can see, the current cost is $22.95 a month for one bundle, or $275 for a year.

You can upgrade right now for a special year deal of just $247. That is 1 year at special pricing plus 1 year of the additional 2 releases!  No monthly costs. This is a 70% savings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These 2 additional releases are EXCLUSIVE to just the 36 people allowed to get in on this. That means, the rest of the VIP members, who do NOT take advantage of this - will still get their one release... but they will NOT get this extra two releases.

They will still release on the 15th of each month (or the Friday before or Monday after if it falls on a weekend).

If you grab this upgrade, you will be MANUALLY added into a "VIP 3" section before the 15th of the month, so that you will get all your VIP products in one place. Again - it is EXCLUSIVE to the 36 21 people allowed.

Some clarifications and questions answered:

What if I already have a monthly or annual account?
As I said above, your monthly account will continue "as is" (or yearly, whichever you may be on). If you want to add on the 2 additional releases, you would need to purchase the $97 add on flash sale to VIP 3. If you do not want to add it on, you don't have to do anything, and your account won't change.

If you are a monthly member and wish to change to annual, you can do that by following to the annual purchase as if a new member. (Your account won't change access wise, your log in will be the same, we will simply pause your monthly billing and change it to the annual one).

I've still got XX days left on my monthly, do I get credit?
Yes, we'll just add the expiry date onto the end so you don't lose out on anything.

Will I be able to cancel any time?
Yes, but be aware there are no refunds, not even pro-rated. If you cancel before the renewal date, your access will revert to main at the expected renewal date when payment doesn't process, and not before.

If I am a new member, does this lock in my annual pricing?
YES! It does for as long as you remain an active annual member.

If at the end of the year, can I flip back to monthly if my budget requires it?
Yes you can for the regular membership, but the $97/yr is only offered this way as a bundle pricing. So if you revert to Monthly, you will either choose to lose the 2 additional, or you will have to renew at the $97 add on level "if" it is available. 

How long is this offer good for?

This special flash sale is ONLY available for the next 72 hours. It ends by 6 p.m. Eastern time zone, Saturday October 7th.

What happens if I choose the one time $97, and not the renewing?

You can absolutely do that - we understand not everyone wants to have automatic billing come out. However - be aware that next year, when your account finishes, the 3x level will be removed, and I do not promise I will open it up again to anyone else. (We're trying to keep it exclusive). You can ask us at that time though, as you will have priority if we reopen it.

What happens after I purchase? I don't see the change in my account?

This is NOT an automated process because of the special included here. We have to manually adjust your account / pause billing etc. if you have a monthly account, and add it on where applicable. And, for those who are existing VIP members and choose the add on - we still have to manually upgrade your account. The upgrades to the VIPx3 will be done before October 15th, and you will see it reflected in the left menu.

Anything else? Simply submit a support ticket and we'll get back to you within 2 business days.

Again - if you have any questions, feel free to submit a ticket to (It's best as it tracks for both of us). If you don't get any replies, please check your junk/spam folder, even if it shows nothing. (Yahoo is notorious for this for example).

And remember - this offer ends Saturday at 6 p.m. Eastern time zone!

Amber Jalink

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