Final Special Offer

If you did NOT buy the Pro
memberships, you can
still get the Agency, 
Teacher's, & Developer
license if you wish to
create for others!

Hey, that's ok! Not everyone wants a monthly commitment, I get it. And perhaps you just want to try it out first. That's okay too. 

But, if you have ANY inkling at all to sell it to others for THEM to have the right to sell it as "their own" or to have expanded distribution in any way, this is what you need.

This license allows you to:

  • That means, you can create and sell these to local businesses, who may wish to sell it to their customers. (Think a restaurant may want to sell a mini kids printable booklet... or a spa may wish to sell an adult coloring stress relief book to their customers). 
  • A teacher may wish to not just hand these out to their students, but also to help create these for other teachers to use.
  • You may wish to create a product that you want to sell with PLR rights (meaning, the buyer can sell it as their own, but THEY can't pass on PLR rights - explained below in a scenario).

IMPORTANT - IF You DID buy the PRO membership, DO NOT BUY THIS! It is included for as long as you have a Pro membership. 

You may have a few questions....

What if I choose to upgrade to the monthly levels in future? Can I get a refund on this? 

If you eventually do choose our Pro monthly levels, we don't refund that license unless you upgrade within the first 14 days of purchase (now), as it applies to all you do while on the Main access level. If you ever cancel a monthly membership, that license is revoked unless you purchase this separately.

Now - with that said, if you HAVE this license (not refunded), and you eventually do the monthly membership for a while, then cancel - you WILL still have this license in place, you don't lose it or have to pay again. 

What can I NOT do with these? 

Just like at ANY membership level, you absolutely can not upload any of these to file sharing sites, whether free or paid. For example, you cannot share this on Pixabay. You can not upload to sell on Adobe Stock, or anywhere else.

And you can NOT pass on extended PLR rights. Here's how that would work to be clear:
Scenario: You create a bundle and you sell it to Joe with PLR rights. Joe takes the PLR bundle and customizes it, and sells it to his list as his own product. Sally buys Joe's new bundle... but she will not have any PLR rights to it. (She buys it as a complete product).

This also means, you cannot put any of these images in your own membership site, whether free or paid. They must be completed pages.

Are there any other upsells? 

No, not at this time :)

Get Your Agency/Teacher's/Developer License NOW While Special Pricing Is In Place!

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