Early Bird Access – Activity Book Generator

Get Access To This Upcoming Software that Instantly Generates Adult or Childrens Coloring Books (and more)
In 60 seconds or less!

This Coloring & Activity Book Generator is SO Push Button Easy, it's really "Stupid Simple"!

You're seeing this because you have received an EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE invitation to grab first access to our upcoming brand new software that spits out an endless amount of adult coloring books, or children's coloring books.


You'll ALSO be able to grab first access to use our Activity Book Generator, which creates countless activity books!

I'm keeping this super straight to the point.

In the next few weeks (early to mid August), I'll be releasing the Activity Book Generator to the public in a full launch, but I wanted to give some members early access to start playing with it (and profiting!)

Because of that, I'm NOT making this sales page super fancy at all, as you can see.

It's simply straight to the point, here's the nitty gritty details of everything you get.

1. You get instant access to build as many Adult coloring books as you want.

2. You get instant access to build as many Kids coloring books as you want.

** You get access turning on in roughly a week on the activity book generator side, where you'll be able to create

3. Adult activity books (not just coloring)

4. Kids activity books (not just coloring)

The activity book software side is ready as well, we're simply adding in as many activities as we possibly can before we turn it on.

These are all pre-created for you, so it REALLY IS PUSH-BUTTON SIMPLE.

Currently there are 1,000 adult coloring images (zentangles, mandalas, kaleidoscopes etc). in the adult coloring book side.

Currently there are 780+ kids coloring images.

The activity book generator will have THOUSANDS MORE images and activities!

Plus, part of the reason it isn't "on" yet, is because my programmer has been creating "Groups" in the activities side, so that you can actually choose to create books for specific themes, such as dragons, dinosaurs, animals, summer, and so much more.

But what can you do with these?

You can create coloring books, coloring pages, printables, DIGITAL coloring pages, virtually any way you want! And NO royalties need to be paid to us in any way. Create and sell as much as you want 🙂

You're likely aware that on Amazon KDP, people love the coloring books that are 20-30 images. (Note: books need to be 26 pages or more for KDP, however, if you chose a 20 page book, simply add blank pages in between, OR add pages before and after the images).

All pages print out at 8.5"x11".

If you want to create printable "bundles" for Etsy, simply choose 1 or 5 images, or even 10! It's that simple!

What if you want a bigger book than 30? Simply merge the pdfs using a pdf editor.  We simply set the limit at 30 because it would put a much higher load on the server compiling, and slow it down for you. So we kept it simple and straightforward.

What if you want to add text onto the pages? Simply use a pdf editor. We haven't added that feature in at this time because that is not the purpose of this.

You can sell these however you want, but you cannot give access to this builder to others. (In other words, don't share your account please).

And yes, that means you CAN sell them as PLR to others, but you can NOT add the images to any file sharing sites, and you must ensure that restriction is passed onto anyone who buys your products.

When the system launches, the cost will be front end plus an upsell to the activity pages, which will be a monthly cost. This allows us to cover paying for graphics/images to be continuously uploaded every week. (Believe me, we've already worked hundreds of hours on this).

You can get in right now for a one time $47.  (This is a minimum savings of $157 just based on the monthly activity book generator alone).

BUT... I'm restricting this to JUST 25 people, so get this while the buy button is still on.

WHY? Why am I offering this special deal?

It's simple.

First, I'd like to have other testers than myself be able to play with it and start generating books, and give feedback if any glitches happen (which I doubt, after extensive testing, but saying it to make sure!)

Second, I'm HOPING that because I'm giving you such a special deal, that you'll be willing to also give me feedback or a testimonial that I can put on the sales page 🙂


1. You will have access to the coloring book generators immediately upon sign in. The activity book generators will be available to you early next week (starting August 3rd-ish), with continuously more graphics being added from that point forward. You recognize that this is an early bird access, so that part is still coming. (It's done, we're simply separating the themes).

2. Because this produces PLR products, or you can download and publish as much as you want without restriction, there are no refunds. The graphics creation and editing alone have taken hundreds of hours to work with, and that isn't even including the hours of custom programming as well.

3. Because we're in the early stage, I do not have the payment links set up/linked into the system automatically, so I will need to set up your account manually to ensure you have full proper access. Please make sure you include the email address you want us to use for your access, if different than your paypal email. All  access will be set up within 1 hour or less between regular working hours. (I'm usually offline from 7 pm. to 9 a.m., so during those times, you "may" have to wait till the next day to get access). 

If you need to pay outside of Paypal, please pm me on Facebook.

Please DO NOT promote this page to anyone outside, there are no commissions at this time as it is a private offer.

SORRY THIS IS SOLD OUT: Please Bookmark https://www.activitybookgenerator.com for the launch 🙂
August 24th 🙂

Remember, there's ONLY 25 spots allowed, so get yours now.

Amber Jalink