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Get Ready For An Exciting (And Recurring!) Income Stream with the newly enhanced Activity Book Generator SAAS! 
Version 2.0 for 2021 is Releasing Thursday September 9th 
at 9 a.m. Eastern!

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Discover the faster, easier way to create coloring & activity books and printables
- IN SECONDS to Minutes with our Exciting BRAND NEW UPGRADE!

From the desk of Amber Jalink

I'm SO excited to share this exciting new ENHANCED RELEASE of the popular Activity Book Generator! (More details in a moment)....

If you haven't heard of us before, the first question you're probably wondering is,

What is the Activity Book Generator?

The activity book generator does exactly what it says: It creates Coloring and Activity books (and more), AND PRINTABLES with the click of a button.

These can be published on Amazon KDP, or Etsy and anywhere else.

With Version 1, the system was broken down into two parts: the Coloring book generator, and the Activity book generator, which also includes coloring mixed in.

The coloring book generator includes both adult coloring images Mandala and Line Art styles (created by me personally!), as well as Kids coloring images (which was created by my in-house graphics specialist).

We currently have over a whopping 20,000 60,000 coloring & activity pages in our system  (at the time of this writing, September 2021)These were created by our team for this project, and we STILL add NEW images every single week on Mondays (except when Monday falls on a holiday locally).

The point of this software-as-a-service is to help people REMOVE the barriers to publishing by having to come up with everything themselves, position it in the pages, and so on.

It's SO simple, with about 3 clicks of the mouse, they have you could say, a "push button" approach to product and printable creation.

But we're now releasing Version 2.0, to take it EVEN further! Our members can now CHOOSE the images they want, build and save projects, and so much more.

Hundreds upon hundreds of hours have been spent over the past YEAR creating these graphics in addition to the expanded programming. (And it's STILL growing)

While we launched Version 1 on August 26, 2020, we are CONTINUOUSLY updating this system.

Version 2 is SO much better! (And all buyers get Version 1 as well included, for those who want a "stupid silly fast" production.)

Check out the video on the sales page to see how Version 2.0 works.

What are the launch details?

This is an EVERGREEN SAAS product, however we are holding a special launch release for Version 2.0:

Launch date: Thursday September 9th (Updated)

Launch time:8 am CST / 9 am Eastern (Toronto/Canada).

Launch pricing ends: Sunday September 12th at 11:59 p.m. Eastern.

SPECIAL PRICING DURING THE 3 DAY LAUNCH: $25... the price will return to $29 after the launch time is done. Yes, we could go way higher - but we want to be an affordable resource for customers, without minimizing the value of what we have either. 

The front end of the product has ONE option:

Main access to the Coloring Book & Activity Book Generator Version 1 AND Version 2 - One Time $25. (50% commissions) This allows the user to create unlimited coloring books, activity books and printables for Adults or Kids.  


OTO 1 creates RECURRING income for you!

PRO Upgrade - This allows the user to unlock even more new printables such as journals, calendars, and other low content books and FAR more images, with ongoing constant updates and enhancements weekly, many exclusive to this level. V2 LAUNCH PRICING: $21/mo. (50% commissions recurring). After launch, it will rise to $24/mo. We typically raise the price (for new members) every 3-6 months, depending on how many new features we add.

NEW OTO 2: VIP Upgrade - Includes everything in Pro but includes an additional secret monthly PLR bundle exclusive to VIP members. It's not just about new coloring and printables, but it will often contain enhanced full PLR rights to the images included. (They'll be able to download the PNG bundles to their computer rather than build the pages in the system). V2 LAUNCH PRICING: $10/mo. (50% commissions recurring). After launch, it will rise to $17-27/mo.

NEW OTO 3:  The Inner Circle - This is a one time upsell to an exclusive private group that includes additional niche coaching and more.  

Launch price: $197 one time (40% commissions)  - After launch price: $497 one time.

There are no downsells. If they say no to Pro, they will be offered the other two options, but there are no pricing differences.

What are the Contest details?

We're changing it up for this 2.0 launch! This is going to have some fun prizes....

FIRST PLACE: A fun "Secret Labs Titan" chair - a $500 value! (or $500 cash)

Second Place: Cricut Joy + Essentials Bundle (Or $250 cash)

Third Place: Fitbit Charge 4 (or $100 cash)

But we aren't just doing the first 3... this time:

FOURTH PLACE: $50 cash

FIFTH PLACE: $50 cash

No teams are allowed. You must earn at least more than the cost of the prize in order to receive it, or you will receive the next closest prize.


Suggested swipes: (Feel free to modify as you wish or create your own if you prefer).

Subject suggestions:

New V2.0 - Create CUSTOM Printables in just a few minutes. Yes, it's possible!
Create CUSTOM Printables Fast To Sell To Raving Fans!
New Enhanced Software Version 2.0 Creates CUSTOM Sellable Printables in Seconds.
Cut Your Product Creation Time Down to less than 5 Minutes.

CRAZY: Activity Book Software that is updated almost EVERY single week? It's unheard of!

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Discover the Faster, Easier Way To Create CUSTOM Coloring & Activity Books and Printables In a few short minutes That You Can Sell To Raving Fans!

Are you sick and tired of spending countless hours trying to create new quality books and printables?

Don't you wish there was a faster solution, that you DIDN'T have to have the hassle of fumbling for uploads and lining up everything perfectly?

THERE IS:It's called the Activity Book Generator - 2.0!

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The Activity Book Generator has been COMPLETELY enhanced with new software that lets you CUSTOM CHOOSE the images you want in every colouring and activity book you create.

We all know it's important to create quality printables and books, but it doesn't have to take as long as it often does!

This web based software has been completely updated after listening to our member's requests! It helps you create books and printables in just a few minutes! And over 950 members are loving it, even more so because NEW images and activities are added pretty much EVERY single Monday! (Except holidays, but we can give them that ;).

In fact, there are thousands of images, and thousands of activities to be created for you ... quickly.

It's called the Activity Book Generator 2.0

Put it to the test

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For your success,

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Swipe #2:

Are you creating kids and adult coloring or activity books, and printables?

Have you ever wished you could pretty much snap your fingers (or click your mouse) and it would be done for you, so you could focus your time on getting them up for sale, and making those sales?

There is a based software solution has been recently released that does exactly this. (Well, you have to click your mouse!)

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You can create unlimited books and printables in under a minute each (often just a few seconds), with 2-3 clicks of your mouse. Or, you can used the NEW Version 2.0 (built in as well) that lets you CHOOSE the images and activities you want to include... still in well under 5 minutes!

And it's just been enhanced to now allow CUSTOM created books!

Over 950 members are absolutely loving it, because it is updated literally almost every single week! (That is unheard of!)

Amber has locked in the price JUST for 3 days, but I assure you that ends soon and the price goes up.

Check it out here:

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For your success,

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