Secret Pro Members' Alert

This is an EXCLUSIVE advanced heads up and special (crazy silly) special for existing ACTIVE pro members only - because if I didn't email you, you'll be mad at me!

You'll learn:
- What's happening on Thursday
- Why am I telling you this? (What YOU can do right now to sneak in the back door "if" you want it. (You don't have to do anything if not).)
- And what if you DON'T want it... will it affect your membership? (The short answer is no).

In the launch of V2.0 to the public this coming Thursday, there are two additional "upsells" that will be in place.

The first, will be to "PRO PLUS", which will provide one bundle per month of images or templates (usually images) exclusive to the Pro members. These will be full png or if a template, powerpoint files.

It will not be in the system at this time - which gives even more PLR capabilities.

This will be an added $10 a month on top of Pro. (So Pro will be $21/mo as of Thursday, and Pro Plus will be $31)

The second add on is to our brand new "Insiders Group". This will be an exclusive FB group that we'll be doing some extra monthly coaching type stuff, live trainings/workshops, ways to expand and build your business etc.  The upsell pricing for that will be a one time $197. (After launch, it "may" go to $297/yr).

So why am I telling you this?

I know that when we turn it on - I will be asked how some can get these added things.

Because I'm giving all ACTIVE Pro members a SECRET BACK DOOR opportunity to grab BOTH the Pro Plus level AND the Insiders Group for a ridiculously low ONE TIME upgrade price.


When you joined pro, I did promise that you would ALWAYS get any add ons we do to THE SOFTWARE within the system. I also mentioned that there "may" be additional options in future for coaching stuff, that is not part of the original. And until now, I have not offered anything additional.

And quite frankly, over the next 6 months, my programmers (we have 2 now) have an AMAZING list of things (features and capabilities) that will be added - AND YOU WILL ALWAYS GET THEM, even if you don't add on anything now.

Now, some of you know that I *DO* regularly offer template packs and sometimes other image bundles (like line art, zentangle style, fun word styles etc) outside of the activity book generator. They are always separate.

What I'm talking about here with the Pro Plus option, is to get some of those types of bundles, but they would be created EXCLUSIVELY only for Pro Plus members. No extra costs, and not sold outside of this system. (I might do something similar, but it will never be exactly the same because I want YOU to benefit most.)

So what I'm doing is only providing you with an exclusive add on bundle option...

and in the secret special PRO ONLY deal...

You'll get it for a ONE TIME price - you won't have to pay monthly, because YOU already put your trust in us :)

And we want to make this SO amazing (like the ability to add your own images and SO much more, but I don't want to steal any thunder from our upcoming announcements!)

Not only will you get additional template packs each month, (minimum 1 but sometimes 2-3 depending on the month) but you'll also have additional licensing rights to allow you to do so many fun and interesting things we'll talk about later.

So you're probably wondering how much this "secret special crazy deal" is going to be.

If the Pro Plus costs $10 additional/mo, that is an added $120/mo.
The Inner Circle is $197 one time.

So just for one year, that would be a total of $317.

Since I've been online since 1997 (24+ years)... I have zero intention of going anywhere, so you can be sure we intend and expect to continue to be here for a long while to come. (We have big plans!).

But I don't want you to pay $317.

During this secret special crazy deal... you can have it all...

The Pro PLUS upgrade
The Inner Circle Upgrade

For a ONE TIME $67. Not yearly. Not monthly. ONE TIME.

That's it.

*Please note, if you cancel your Pro membership at any time, you will remove all access to the Pro level software builders, and will ONLY keep the Pro PLUS (which gives the bundles) and the Inner Circle. So yes, you can keep those :).

I know I'm probably crazy, but I also know a few things:

1) you know a great deal when you see it

2) if you've been with us for any time longer than 1 month, you know just how much we've already added (we went from 3500 images to over 20,000 in one year!) and how committed we are to continuing

3) if I didn't offer this to you now, you would be probably asking me for some sort of deal since you won't see this offer with the fact that you're already in :)

I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't give you this special savings, and some would feel like it's just a money grab.

It is not. Our programmers are working tons of extra time to have SO much done for you ongoing, and I want to keep you happy. That costs money.

So I decided to give this special deal of just a one time $67, for BOTH levels. (That's a 78% off savings btw over just one year... after one year it just becomes gravy, and that much more of a savings!)

But there's one catch:

You ONLY have 48 hours to get it. This closes at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday August 24th. I need a day to manually upgrade your account so that you also get the Pro Plus pages.

Also, you won't see anything there "yet" - the first bundle for Pro Plus will be added next week, and more details on the Inner Circle will follow to those who upgrade.

Can you only choose one or the other for this special offer? It doesn't matter, the price won't change because it's too much of a deal.

What happens if you don't take this deal?

Then I'm sorry but it goes to the normal cost, and the links will be inside the members area to upgrade if you want to later at whatever the current pricing is.

(And unfortunately there are no refunds, because you'll be getting extended PLR rights to exclusive-to-Pro-Plus images, plus the inner circle group).

Again, this is NOT a mandatory upgrade, you will NOT lose ANYTHING inside the system. Pro and Pro Plus Software wise is exactly the same. The Plus gets added bundled images in full PNG or PPTX file formats). I don't want anyone feeling like they're going to miss out on the SYSTEM if they skip this.

But when you see the added value you're about to get, you're going to thank me :)

So here's how to upgrade your account:

1. Submit your payment below. Paypal or Stripe (credit card outside of Paypal).

2. You'll be taken to a page to "download" a PDF. In that pdf, I will give you instructions to ensure you are aware of the fact that it will take likely through Wednesday to have your account upgraded, and to get the inner circle access info.

That's it :)

Oh and don't forget - Monday morning at 11 am eastern, (in just about 12 hours from the time of this email), our site will be "down for maintenance" while we implement our updates and upgrades.

If you have questions, feel free to submit to our support desk at

(There are NO upsells on this, this is it, and this is all I ever plan to add onto this program that wouldn't be included for you.)

Amber Jalink

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