Welcome to the Pro Plus & Inner Circle Secret Add On!

Ok here’s what will happen now:

By the end of Wednesday (Eastern time zone), your account at Activity Book Generator WILL be upgraded, so that you’ll see Pro Plus and Inner Circle added.

On the LEFT menu of the new site design/software, you will see a menu option for both of these.

You will NOT be able to access them until I complete the upgrade, so please bear with me.

However, you WILL be able to access them by the end of business (eastern time) Wednesday.

IF for ANY reason your account does not give you access, please first refresh your browser page to see if that works.

If not, then please submit a support ticket to us (below), and let me know both your username at activity book generator, and the email you paid from. (We realize sometimes people pay from an email they did not have connected to ABGen).

If you did use a different email, please feel free to submit the ticket sooner to let me know so we can activate you promptly.

If you have questions, feel free to submit to our support desk at https://support.dimeconsultants.com.

Amber Jalink

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