Special Alert for ALL Activity Book Generator Members:

New Feature Release!

Last year we had a request and at the time, we simply marked it as a "potential to do".

But we DID start working on it - and once we got the project system together, our programmer started working on the next phase.

It took a long time to get it implemented due to all the programming involved, but it's FINALLY here.

Let me explain the new features, and how you can access it.

We've had SO many ask for the ability to add text onto pages.... and well we've done FAR more than that!

We've now added the ability to customize your pages,

  • add text,
  • add shapes,
  • add or change backgrounds,
  • even combine images to really make it your own.
  • And yes, you can also upload your own images as well.
  • Add colors (great for the color by number that some have asked for!)
  • Add intro pages if you'd like!

Check this out - I created multiple images from various sections (Yes, from MAIN) - and added the text, "What item doesn't belong?"

Watch this quick video to see how it all works (there will be full training in the help files, but I wanted you to see an overview).

So how do you access this new feature?

We decided to be a little different with this one.

Sometimes we add things people don't want - like the project builder: some people love it, others prefer to stick with the randomized system.

So for this, we decided to add access that everyone can get, but for a small monthly fee.

Let me explain.

Originally I was going to have this roll out as Version 3, with a big price increase. But I realized that not everyone might want it, as I just mentioned.

When we originally rolled out ABG v2, we did not ask anyone who was in version 1 to pay again for the new version.

It is actually a very common thing for new versions of software to be charged for. Because there's far more programming involved, and often things are very different or there's far more features. (Think Windows 10 vs Windows 11. Or Camtasia 9 vs 10).

While I could have done so, I didn't feel it right to ask everyone to pay all over again, even though the Main level is technically version 1... and now 2 included.

But due to the programming costs, I've decided that this feature is an add on, for those who want it - but you'll be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive it is.

Here's how it works:

I've called it our "Creator" add on.

It doesn't matter what level you have, Main or Pro - this is an add on.

BUT it will work with both.

So as a Main member, when you add on the Creator level, you will be able to use the project system to create pages and do so much more, within the images you already have available to you.

As a Pro member, when you add on the creator level, you will be able to use all of the Pro level project system images as well.

(Randomizer images are mostly duplicated into the project system for choice, but at this moment we do not have the puzzles that have answers etc. included in the Creator add on.) 

This is essentially an enhancement to the project builder, to help you so you don't necessarily have to take it over to Canva or reverse engineer the PDF output.

Create what you want, edit it NOW, then save as a completed file. And of course, you can take completed pages and use them into different documents!

Now, being that you are ALREADY a member of Activity Book Generator, I'm going to give this to you at a special advanced pricing.

I will be rolling out a version 3.0 soon, where the Creator will be an add on option, but the price will be higher at that time, (as well as the pro pricing will be up too). And when I do that, even this page, the pricing will go up.

But I'm always doing what I can to keep this as affordable as possible.

So how much is the Creator add on?

You can add it onto your account now, for just $7 a month.

Yes, it's monthly, because our programmer is still doing even more, and he's already done a ton. We just cannot add this as a one time payment unfortunately, but as you have seen, we have done an update almost every week for going on 2 full years!

When we started ABG back in August of 2020, we never thought that we would have this much content, or features. And other than holidays that fall on a Monday, we've done updates *every* single week.

So I think we've proven that we're here for the long haul, and we have definitely over-delivered.

Having the creator level for Main members, doesn't require anyone to upgrade to Pro to have it - we know that for some people, Pro might be just out of reach, but at $7 a month for the Creator level, it enhances what you have and can do with it.

And for Pro, it just gives you that much more power, AND less work taking it elsewhere.

Will we combine the pricing? Probably not, for the simple reason that it allows you the choice. (If you were a pro member and chose to cancel that, you can still keep the Creator, you'll simply use it with Main for example).

Are there any bugs, or is this 100% ready to go?

We had a few members beta test it after we've already been through it extensively. For the most part, what they thought were bugs, actually weren't - it was simply learning how to use a feature, which our video training will cover some troubleshooting aspects and some tips.

So there may be the odd thing, Jason is always working on it, but sometimes we don't know if there's more issues until it's very extensively used.

At this point, it is ready to go.

So - how do you GET the $7 a month add on?

Simply choose to add it to your account below: You can either pay by Paypal, or Stripe (credit card outside of paypal), and it SHOULD automatically add it to your account after payment completion.

**Please be aware, it "might" ask for your address or country at checkout. This is exclusively to prevent fraud, it is not used for any other purpose and it is not maintained by us, only the processor uses it for fraud protection.**

Amber Jalink

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