Upgrade to the special STARTER PACK to get going even faster!

This package is simple - it is intended to help you get started even faster. It includes:

  • A list of Adventure words to be used within some of the games from the main product (67)
  • Over 100 random funny sentences and at least FIVE ways to use them
  • 50 Simon Says Games (you'll see how you can use these on their own OR tweak to work with the main files!)

Your Personal/Commercial PLR Rights Explained

What You CAN Do

  • YES Content can be edited and modified in any way
  • YES you can put your name or brand as the author.
  • YES you can use the content for your own products to sell (This is the Commercial Rights - no royalties will be due to us for any products you create and sell.)
  • YES you can translate the content into other languages.
  • Yes you "can" claim copyright when you take an element and create an entirely new product from that element. (For example, if you take a story starter and create a complete book, then yes, it is your copyright at that point). 
  • YES you can create free stories to give away perhaps as lead magnets, however they MUST be in completed pdf format.

What You Can NOT Do

  • NO You can NOT claim copyright to the content.* (see note under the yes box for what qualifies).
  • NO You cannot use my name or company name brand in any of your sales or report materials.
  • NO You CAN NOT sell or transfer "PLR Rights" or Master Resell Rights of these files to others. (Only you can edit and sell this content. It must be sold as a completed PDF to others.) This purchase is for your license only.
  • NO you CAN NOT add this to any file sharing site, either free or paid.


Warning - the price will go up as soon as this launch special is done, so don't wait!

What happens after you buy? You'll be taken to a thank you page where you can download your files.

*Important note: If you purchase using a credit card outside of Paypal, you may be asked for your address and/or phone number. This is to verify that this card belongs to you and is authorized to make this purchase. It is how we prevent fraud which protects both you AND us, and is not used for any other purpose. (No, we will not call you or sell your private information!)

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