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WHAT IF you could
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Printables Empire?

Let's be clear: You can absolutely take what you got in the main and Pro levels, and publish to your heart's content.

However, I we've also had some ask if they could receive bundles of products, such as template packs, exclusive colouring bundles and more, that are NOT seen inside the software... and with additional rights.

And that's why we created this extra special VIP level.

I promise this is going to be short.

Over the past 25+ years, I've created and sold a LOT of PLR style products. In the past, oh, about 7 years or so, I've focused more on the low content book type PLR products.

These include things like colouring bundles such as adult coloring, guitars, kids colouring, additional line art, zentangle style, fun word styles etc and more. Other bundles have been template products such as cheatsheet layouts, planners, journals and calendars.

The thing is, I ALWAYS have ideas. However, typically 1-2 times a month I will release these outside of the Activity Book Generator for a couple of reasons.

1) Some of the product types just don't always fit this site. (It's not the easiest to include certain templates because of the way our system is programmed).

2) Some people just don't want to pay for the Pro membership, so this is why I do them separately, as excluded bundles.

Recently I was asked if there was a way I could simply include some of these bundles INSIDE our site... even for an additional fee particularly because they wanted extended PLR rights, plus the 'direct access' to some images and powerpoint templates.

And so I listened :)

I invite you to join the VIP membership, for EXCLUSIVE monthly bundles.

WARNING: There are only a few spots left! 
(I will NOT oversell this - see the number available in the buy button below. Once it sells out, you won't be able to get it again.)

These will be created every month, EXCLUSIVELY only for VIP members. No extra costs, and not sold outside of this system. (I might do something similar, but it will never be exactly the same because I want YOU to benefit most.)

Not only will you get additional packs each month, (minimum 1 but sometimes 2-3 depending on the month) but you'll also have additional licensing rights to allow you to do so many fun and interesting things we'll talk about later.

That means YES you'll be able to pass on PLR rights to others (you'll still need to make a few changes, but minor). This is a HUGE industry, and it can instantly add extra cash to your account.

*DISCLAIMER: I am not promising riches, or even how much money you can or will make. Every person is different, and it requires you to actually make the effort to use these and get them up for sale*.

Just a heads up on this - every template or image bundle that I sell outside of this site, sells for usually $47+ by the time the upsells are included as well as the developer rights.  And even though this is an exclusive bundle for you, you won't have to pay that.

You may have a few questions....

Do I have to sell them with plr rights?

No of course not. You can simply include the images and templates you are granted, and create your own products with them. And because they aren't in the main members project builder, you can be assured that there will be very few who have the same bundle as you. (I suggest if you get an image bundle one month, that you mix and match and move them around for that reason).

Are there going to be hundreds or thousands of members in the VIP level that I'll be competing with?

NO. This is a new level... and I probably won't keep offering it for very long. I have a restricted number of people that I will allow in. 

However one thing to remember, regardless: in this "low content world" (people who publish activity, colouring books, journals etc), it's an enormous market out there. Plus there are buyers all over the world.

My books honestly sell more often OUTSIDE of North America! (Yes, I do get sales locally too - but the majority of my buyers/checks are from Europe, Australia and Japan).

And when I sell templates and PLR products through sites like Warriorplus etc., I have customers ALL over the world.

It's a huge world out there. And it's pretty cool :)

When are the product/bundles delivered, and how will I know to get them?

They will be added to the VIP link on/around the 15th of every month. If the 15th falls on a weekend, you will typically get it on the Friday before or Monday after.

What if I want to cancel? What happens then?

You can cancel any time - however realize that because these are plr products, there are no refunds. It simply means, your account will be active until it expires, whether a new release is issued or not depends on when your billing takes place. When the access expires, your access to this section will automatically close. You will however, be able to retain the rights to the products you have downloaded as per the PLR terms (they are explained in each release).

If I join, cancel, and come back later, will I get access to all the previous back issues released?

NO. Each release is strictly limited to the existing month. There are no back dated accesses, so you will only get what you are currently entitled to. If you cancel at any time, you will not have access to releases in between returning.

How long do I have to download the files?

We will send you an email when every bundle is released. We highly suggest you download them promptly, however each release should remain for at least 1 week. (This is to prevent any accesses by those not entitled to it).  We are working on adjusting the system to hold all downloads you are entitled to, in case there is a time frame where you were unable to get it.

However - it's nothing to worry about, if there's ever a time where you HAVE paid but were unable to access or download your bundles, simply contact our support desk and we'll make sure you get the files you're entitled to. But hey, we understand life happens and can completely derail us. So simply submit a ticket and we'll do our best to get you everything.

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