WOW! You just unlocked our brand new  Inner Circle Invitation! 


You just unlocked our brand new private invitation to the Exclusive "Inner Circle"!

The Inner Circle will meet once a month (sometimes twice), live, where we'll discuss everything related to the publishing world.

This is where we talk about new things happening, tips and tricks to grow your business (or start if you're new), and so much more.

This is NOT a course.

This is going to be what YOU need to help YOUR business grow. Think of it as more like a "mastermind" where we share and discuss industry happenings. New trends. Changes to the publishing world. Tools you can use - vs which ones are NOT necessary.

And so much more.

You also get a private Facebook group (exclusive to Inner Circle Members ONLY), where you can discuss your wins, your problems and issues, successes, and just ask for help or share your tips.

You're also probably wondering about how to promote your books and printables.....

In fact, we just might have a little "something something" in the works to help you with exactly that...

...but shhhhh! We'll post when we're ready :)

You may have a few questions....

Do I get any product bundles or anything with this?

No. The point of this is more along the lines of coaching and assistance. 

Do I have to remain a monthly member of Pro or VIP in order to be part of the Inner Circle?

NO. This is a completely separate level. 

Is this yet another monthly pricing membership?

NO. We created this to be a ONE TIME cost, so you never have to worry about added expenses. We recognize not everyone wants monthly. While yes it supports our programmers, this part of the membership does not require them.  So at the moment, you get my knowledge and experience, and that of other members inside the group, for a one time cost.

But I do warn you,  as of Monday September 20th, 2021, there are only a limited number of spots remaining with this one time payment. Once those spots sell, this will likely just close to new people. See how many remain below. Once it's sold out, you can no longer buy it.

What if I want to cancel or leave the group? What happens then?

You can cancel any time - but honestly this is a one time fee, so if you completely cancel your membership, you will simply lose your access. There are no refunds, regardless of whether you use this or not.

Does joining guarantee my success?

Like anything, nothing guarantees success except YOUR efforts. We can help guide you and answer all of your questions, but no one can guarantee your success except you. We'll try to help of course :) but we cannot promise incomes of any kind. That is against the law.

If I miss live trainings, will I have access to replays?

Absolutely :)  And they will remain in the system so there's no panic rush if you weren't able to get to it for a bit.  We'll post them both in the Facebook group AND in the Inner Circle members section of our site, just in case you aren't on Facebook (But we do encourage you to access it to be part of the conversations.)

And they won't expire.

Get Your Inner Circle Access NOW While Special Pricing for 2.0 Is In Place!

Warning: I'm sure you recognize that coaching groups are OFTEN $99 a month or more. We won't charge you that. But special pricing won't be here for long, so get yours now.

$197 ONE TIME - NO Monthly fees

(warning, the price will go gradually up to $497 or more as soon as this launch pricing is over. Lock in this special rate)

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